Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kathleen McGowan Theory

The following is a little background from the author's website:

Kathleen McGowan has spent twenty years researching the legends surrounding the Gospel of Mary Magdalene on four continents. She has immersed herself in the culture and folklore of Mary Magdalene, which is primarily an oral tradition that features an ancient prophecy about the coming of "The Expected One," a special seeker who has been chosen by divine providence to bring Mary Magdalene's long-hidden message to the world. The author says that those guarding the tradition of Mary Magdalene opened their doors to her because of her connections to an ancient French family that traces its roots to Mary Magdalene, her birth date, and her possession of a special ring.
The Theory

In The Expected One, McGowan (2006) maintains that Mary Magdalene's first child was John-Joseph whose father was John the Baptist. After the Baptist was beheaded, Mary married Jesus. She then had a daughter with Easa, (Sarah) Tamar, and was pregnant with son Yeshua-David at the time of the crucifixion. Joseph of Arimathea is Jesus' uncle.

At this time this is as far as McGowan goes.

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  1. wake up and smell the coffee people, stop denying his wife and children, its gone on long enough.

  2. So in otherwords she is a fraud. Mary was a virgin when she had Jesus, that is an in disputed fact. Some of the other stuff she stole from me when we were both in a newsgroup in 1999 on this topic. I have my lineages posted on my blog. She has none. The idea that the family went through ireland is laughable.