Friday, May 15, 2009

Echoes of Da Vinci Code at National Library

This article was at WalesOnline:
. . . scholars at a Welsh college believe they have unearthed their own version of the Da Vinci code with the discovery of a 400-year-old book. Entitled The Genealogy of Jesus Christ, it has spent the past 70 years locked in the dusty depths of the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. . . .

The leather-bound, hand-written book by William Spenser has nearly 600 A3-sized pages, split into two sections.

One is about, "the names, people and empires recorded in the old and New Testaments".

The other is titled "biographical reference of old Bible stories".

It is an alphabetical way to find a seemingly endless list of religious characters.

Mr Hogan said, "It has details on everybody in the Bible, who they were married to where they came from and their family trees. . . .
SOURCE: Sam Burson, "Echoes of Da Vinci Code at National Library," WalesOnline (28 April 2005).

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