Monday, July 27, 2009

Dynasty of the Holy Grail

Figure 1. Dynasty of the Holy Grail (2006). Vern G. Swanson. Image screen capture courtesy

This book by Vern G. Swanson promotes the bloodline theory from an LDS perspective. I'll post a chart from the book now (above) and give further updates later.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

God Kings Continued

The following images are screen captures from the DVD, God Kings. The first shows a copy of the document in the possession of Professor Hugh Montgomery that he calls Document 1 referred to in the previous post.

In the film he reads and translates Document 1. Three lines from the bottom or to our left, one can barely make out (I had to freeze frame the DVD at 27:33) "...IESU GENUIT EX UXORE MARI DE BETH*ANI ... SAULUS FILIA ... QUE MARI AETHIOPIA FILIUS ... ET"

This document essentially claims that Jesus had two wives or a wife and a concubine. These were Mary of Bethany and Mary of Aethiopia who Montgomery believes is Mary Magdalene.

Document 1. God Kings (2009). Screen capture at 27:33.

What Montgomery refers to as Document 2 is shown below. The Latin text reads as follows:

Maria et Jesu Maria genuit. Maria et Sigismundus Ruth et ejus frater genuit. Ruth et Osmeus Elchasius genuit. Elchasius Marthana et Martha genuit. Maria ex semene sancto Elchasius viro Ata nubit. Maria et Ata Clodomirus genuit. Clodomirus Merovus genuit.

This document is showing a line of descent from Jesus and Mary of Bethany to what appears to be the ancestor of the Merovingian dynasty. Montgomery believes there are generations missing as he shows in his charts in the previous post.

"House of Bethany" (Document 2). God Kings (2009). Screen capture at 28:04.